Yes, The Beauty Blender Is Amazing!

We all do it. We have a bag full of makeup consisting of old eye shadow, mascara, brushes, lipstick, foundation, and whatever else that has been sitting around for too long and desperately needs replaced. A few months ago I sat down to do my makeup and realized, after seeing eye shadow that was cracked and chunks falling from the the platelet every time I opened the lid, that it was time to replace a few things. Instead of heading over to Walgreens as I usually do, I thought I’d splurge and make the drive to Sephora for some new brushes, eye shadow and foundation.

Once arriving at Sephora, I found something interesting. The Beauty Blender. Where had I been? I didn’t even know this weird little egg-shaped sponge existed. Looking to even up my skin tone in a better way rather than just spreading powder over my face with a brush, I decided to purchase this little egg.

When I got home I realized that I needed better instruction on how to use it and that’s when I got on YouTube and found makeup artist Kandee Johnson. After doing her tutorial, my face looked and felt amazing! Yes, this weird little sponge worked wonders, evening out red spots, freckles and sun damage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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