Understanding 7 Hard Truths About Life Will Make You Stronger

Life isn’t easy. We all encounter tough times that are hard to swallow and never seem fair.

The truth is, life is neutral. It has no bias and simply conforms to the laws of nature.

However, we don’t make it easy on ourselves with our thoughts and perceptions about what’s happening.

We go through life refusing to see simple truths because we’re worried they’ll be too hard to bare.

But the only way we’ll live a fulfilling and happy life is through acceptance. Otherwise we’re fighting against the laws of the universe; a battle we’ll never be able to win.

So here are 7 simple truths about life that we need to learn to accept.

1) Everyone you love is going to die

This is a fact that you can’t escape. Yet, we tend to avoid this truth because it’s too difficult to bare.

But you know what’s really too difficult to bare?

When a loved one dies and you never took the time to learn from them and understand them because you thought they’d be around forever.

So many of us take our loved ones for granted and feel an unrelenting sense of regret when they’re gone.

By accepting this truth, we realize that our relationships are the most meaningful thing we have in life and should be cherished while we have them.

2) We give our lives meaning

Buddhists believe that we create our own world with our thoughts and actions. We have the tools at our disposal to live a meaningful and purpose driven life, yet we often focus on what we don’t have.

Instead, we need to appreciate what we have right now and work for something beyond ourselves, even if it’s something simple like creating a kinder world by being kind to others.

3) Perfection doesn’t exist

So many of us search for the perfect romance, the perfect job or the perfect house. But perfection simply doesn’t exist.

Good and bad are two sides of the same coin and one can’t exist without the other. In order to have the good in life, you need to be able to accept the bad.

The more we’re able to accept that nothing in the universe is perfect, the more we’ll be comfortable when things don’t go as planned.

4) Everything ends

This is a similar to the first principle and it’s another hard pill to swallow. The truth is, everything changes. It’s something that simply cannot be denied. We’ll be young for a little while before we’re old. We’ll fall in love, we’ll fall out of love. We’ll live, then we’ll die.

Rather than fighting against this natural force of life, we can instead be grateful for all that we have and all that we are going to experience as it won’t last forever.

If things lasted forever, what would make them special?

5) Failure is the road to success

Nobody has a life just full of success. It’s unavoidable to have some sort of failure in your life unless you don’t take the chance to succeed.

Yet so often we try to avoid failure because it makes us feel worse about ourselves.

But if we’re honest, failure often gives us the best lessons in life. Don’t be afraid to fail as it may be your stepping stone to finding success.

6) A person isn’t defined by what they own

Expensive cars, branded bags, lavish clothes – Sure they have a nice value but they do not add value to you as a person.

We need to keep reminding ourselves to stop focusing on these material things and start building meaningful experiences and relationships.

7) Thinking vs doing is not the same

We can do a whole lot of thinking but if no actions are involved it will never happen. Success will not come find you and pick you up on the journey, it’s our responsibility to get up and start doing what we’ve been thinking about. Don’t be afraid to start, because you will never get going if you’re waiting for that perfect moment.


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