Starting 2017 in a strong way with your career new year resolutions

So 2016 is almost over and you’re wondering what work brings next year, will it be the same old day to day process or will you change it? Old habits can be very hard to break but maybe this is the year you will stand strong and make those changes. Here are a few ideas to help you get into the right mind set.

ONLINE PRESENCE – It’s 2017 and as much as you may think Social Media outlets are for whining old school friends or for those fake people to prove what a perfect life they have it can actually be a fantastic tool in the working world. Be positive about your online presence, get a Linked In Profile, (or if you have one update it) and network hard. You never know, regardless of what working circle you are currently in, there can be some great people, places and opportunities out there to enhance your current position or give you a door to consider moves to bigger and better things.

NETWORKING – It’s important for people to know who you are, don’t sit in that sheltered corner and expect to be noticed, the working world can be a very aggressive place especially when trying to enhance your career, you don’t need to be aggressive but you do need to get noticed. Get round that coffee/lunch room and say hi to your colleagues, find out about them and their interests, invite them to join you for a lunch break and be social at work functions, and again, be especially social on line (This helps if you’re shy because you have that opportunity of the computer screen working as your invisible comfort blanket, so you have no excuses not to!

EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM – No it’s not just a saying, check out most millionaires, you will find up they are up before the sun every day! While you may not want that lifestyle to that degree, you could meet the world half way! Instead of sitting with the coffee watching the morning TV, get out the tablet , laptop or phone and do a little networking, send out some birthday wishes, create some goals for the day. They can be small ones such as learn five new words, learn a new subject about your Company, i.e. maybe you sell kitchens, but do you know how the installations work and the problems they encounter? Make a new work colleague “friend”, read more about the career you want and how to get it. Just have a plan each day and do it. Being a good all rounder helps you advance your career and makes you appear more knowledgeable so perhaps learn new skills towards your direction.

STILL WAITING ON THE BONUS OR PROMOTION? – The harsh reality is, if it hasn’t come yet with you sitting waiting, then it probably won’t. Things don’t generally happen just because you want them too, time to start making them happen and drop all the excuses not to! First step, sit and make an actual plan of what you want as far as promotion or a raise, think about the reasons you deserve it and what you can offer your Company when they agree. Then write up a non-pushy but confident proposal and drop it on your boss’s desk or ask for a scheduled meeting with his/her secretary, look them in the eye and explain (again in a non arrogant way) why you are such a great asset to them and how you could be a better one.

IF YOU HATE YOUR JOB – CHANGE IT – I know, you get sick of people saying change your job if you don’t like it, it makes you angry or frustrated because life isn’t that easy! We agree, it’s not. But it is easy to make a plan and start to follow it, it may not happen over night, so be realistic about your goals and set your punch list of getting there in tune with those goals. If you don’t want to go back to school and learn something new (the older we get the less appealing this becomes) there are other options. Do some research, ignore the TV, take an hour off from the kids and just sit and study a little online what your options are.

Most of all we want to just wish you the best of luck for 2017. We get you, change is hard but we will help as much as we can with regular articles to hopefully give you some direction. Let us know your particular struggles in the comments below and we will see what we can do to steer you in the right direction. Remember sometimes baby steps eventually turn into strides as we grow.


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