What Is Really In A Kit Kat Bar?

What’s really in the middle of a Kit Kat? The answer is blowing our minds

Kit Kat lovers, prepare to have your minds blown: the creamy filling between the crispy wafers of the classic chocolate bar are not made only with chocolate. Wha???? you’re saying. That was our reaction too.

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Kit Kats are so meta.

Yes, there’s some chocolate in there, but a BBC documentary reveals that the inside layers of the bar are actually made of…wait for it…ground-up Kit Kats.

This is so meta.

Thinking about that is sure to unleash some chicken-and-egg confusion: What, then, were the creamy layers of the original Kit Kat bar made from?

The show actually originally aired during a 2015 episode of BBC Two’s Inside the Factory, but the ground-up Kit Kat business came to light recently during a re-run of the episode, when a fan tweeted, “Wait, the filling is ground-up Kit Kat?”

Along the production line, a worker in the video explains that a pile of broken-up chocolate will next be going into “re-work, where they’re used for fillings for the wafer.”

It’s well known that British chocolates don’t always taste like their U.S. counterparts, and it’s important to note that the BBC Two documentary was filmed in the York factory in the U.K., which is run by Nestlé, while Hershey produces Kit Kats in the United States.

And chocolate makers are as famously tight-lipped as Willy Wonka himself.

“While we make and sell Kit Kat bars in the U.S. under a global license from Nestlé, the manufacturing process for Kit Kat is proprietary under this license,” a Hershey spokesperson told TODAY. “Any questions about this proprietary process should be addressed to Nestlé.”

Luckily, Nestlé U.K. was happy to settle the matter.

“To clarify, the ‘chocolayer’ — the filling between the wafer of a Kit Kat — is made from cocoa liquor, sugar and a small amount of re-worked Kit Kat,” a Nestlé U.K. spokesperson confirmed for TODAY. “Please note, re-worked Kit Kat is product which cannot be sold.”

Aha! While a small number of broken Kit Kats may end up destined to be ground-up Kit Kat filling, the likelihood that all Kit Kat layers are made from other Kit Kats did seem unlikely. After all, approximately 192 million Kit Kat bars are sold in the United States alone every year, according to the Symphony IRI Group.

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