Please Stop! Annoying Phrases Or Sayings That Make Your Eyes Roll

We’ve all heard them and we’ve all been annoyed by them. What is it about particular phrases that we use, which immediately make us roll our eyes or grit our teeth? Is it because they don’t have any helpful relevance, they’ve been over-used, or are they just plain dumb?

Working hard or hardly working?

Ugh, this is one in the workplace that people often say. Why? Small talk? Trying to get a laugh? I’m thinking this is one that’s been thoroughly over-used. Perhaps at one time it may have gotten a chuckle, but now, it will get you a sigh and a full-on eye roll.

Needless to say

Really? If it was needless to say then why are you carrying on a conversation about it?

No offense, but

Oh boy! This is a completely condescending phrase. When you say “no offense, but” that means you are about to say something offensive so either own up to whatever rude thing you’re about to unleash on another person or don’t say anything at all.

Everything happens for a reason

Oh it does? Tell that to a grieving person or someone who has been put through a tremendous tragedy. My guess is they are thinking otherwise. This phrase is lazy, annoying, and unhelpful. Keep this type of comment to yourself.

It is what it is

Hmm, is it?

Boys will be boys

Uh, no. This is nothing more than someone advocating or allowing the bad behavior of their child. It’s insulting to the rest of us. Fix your kid’s behavior before someone else does.

My bad

All that’s going on here is it’s easier to just shrug your shoulders then to actually feel bad about whatever it is you did.

It’s always in the last place you look

Yeah, obviously. If you find it you aren’t going to keep looking elsewhere, are you?

Same difference

Is it? Is it really the same or is it different?

I’d rather die

No kidding? You’d rather die than do…what exactly? I can only think of a few things worse than death and having to go to the store or a meeting doesn’t seem to be so serious that you wish for your life to end.

I’m sure there are dozens more of these kind of phrases that make us roll our eyes. Name a few in the comments below…

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