Looking For A Halloween Costume? Here Are the Most Popular Of 2017

From outfits inspired by blockbuster movies and TV shows to tweeting politicians, we’ve found the costumes expected to dominate Halloween 2017, according to the National Retail Federation and seasonal retailer Spirit Halloween.

Stranger Things costumes

Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” led to binge-watch sessions last year and returns with a second season on Oct. 27. Spirit Halloween predicts characters and creatures from the series will be among the top trends this holiday.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has always been a popular seasonal costume. With the success of her standalone movie, however, Diana Prince is expected to be one of the biggest 2017 options.

Wonder Woman is No. 10 on the list of adult costumes, and superhero attire is also the No. 1 children’s costume this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).


Another girl-power costume choice this year: Belle is having a major moment thanks to Emma Watson taking over the role in this year’s live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Donald Trump

Spirit Halloween anticipates many trick-or-treaters donning topical and social media-inspired costumes, whether that means a “tweeting Trump” costume or another meme-worthy moment from his first year in office.

Marvel costumes

Whether it’s a store-bought suit or an original creation, Marvel fans have tons of fun takes on their favorite superhero franchise.


Another traditional choice, the undead bloodsuckers are NRF’s No. 6 ranking for top adult costumes.


No surprise here: Zombies made the NRF’s top 10 list of Halloween costumes this year. Trick-or-treaters can try out elaborate, “Walking Dead”-quality makeup or settle for fake blood and old clothing.


Star Wars character

Characters from the “Star Wars” franchise are tied for NRF’s No. 8 spot …

Hocus Pocus costume

With news of a reboot in the air, this seasonal favorite will be an even more popular choice of costume, says Spirit Halloween.

Social-media inspired costumes

From emojis to dog filters to social media stickers, outfits derived from viral trends will be present and Instagram-worthy this holiday, according to Spirit Halloween.

Slasher movie villains

Jason and Scream masks are cheap and easy. They also rank as No. 9 on NRF’s list of top adult costume choices this year.

Intergalactic costumes

Spirit Halloween expects a surge in alien and out-of-this-world costumes this year. With a new “Star Trek” television series, what better time is there to dust off those Trekkie threads?

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