Is It Art? You Decide.

I’m always amazed at the things I see being passed off as art. Yet, as I pass judgment, I also realize that some of this “art” brings out a lot of emotions in people. If a piece can bring out so much emotion, such as anger, horror, ridicule, confusion, irritation, joy, amusement, and many other thoughts and feelings then perhaps is it art? Isn’t that what art is supposed to do, bring out emotion and discussion?

To be honest, I can’t fully answer this question and not so sure anyone really can. All I know is I’ve seen “art” pieces and though I can’t always form a definite opinion, I enjoy reading or hearing what people’s thoughts are about it more than the piece its self.

I’ve compiled a few artists and their work, which have brought out intense feelings and discussions from people on social media and other formats.

Is this art? I don’t know…I suppose it’s for you to decide.

Fruit For Feminism:

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Stephanie Sarley has more than 100,00 followers on her Instagram profile and has been shut down more than once in her attempt to bring awareness to the female anatomy by penetrating various fruit with her fingers.


Chairs Stacked Between 2 Buildings:


Doris Salcedo stacked more than 1,500 chairs in between two city buildings in Istanbul. Is it art or just a waste of space?

A Wine Wall:


Hannes Broecker’s Drink Away The Art is nothing more than an interactive exhibit where you drink a variety of cocktails. Sounds good to me!

Flesh Dress:


The artist Vanitas stitched 60 pounds of steak to make this “dress”. It was made in an attempt to bring awareness to women’s issues, fashion and consumption.

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