Charity’s Top 5: Oh, So Cool! 5 Unique Places To Visit In Colorado

1. Bishop Castle, located in Rye Colorado  

In 1959, Jim Bishop, at the age of 15, decided to purchase land in the mountains west of Pueblo Colorado. Years later he began construction on a family cabin. Soon the family cabin turned into something more as the building of this cabin continued for many years. Jim took the term “king of the castle” quite literally, and Bishop Castle, equipped with a grand ballroom, bridges, towers and even a dragon chimney was constructed (yes, it breathes fire when the fireplace is lit).



2. Magic Mushroom House, located in Aspen Colorado

When talking about mushrooms here, we can take it quite literally. The architect, Andre Ulrych who had never built a home before, used psychedelics as inspiration while building this house in the 1970’s. Many celebrities of the time visited and partied here. It’s mind altering even without using hallucinogenics.

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3. St. Elmo’s Ghost Town, located in Chaffe County Colorado

This 24 building ghost town has been very well preserved, including all the places you’d hope to see in a western ghost town; a saloon, mercantile, courthouse/jail, schoolhouse, and many homes. It originated in 1879 and at its peak, it had a population of 2000 people. In 1881 it became a station on the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad line. Why was this town built? Well, for the very reason you might expect. Gold!

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4. Elf Lane, located at Red Feather Lakes

On a dirt road between Lake Hiawatha and Lake Apache known as Gnome Road or Elf Lane (depending on which sign you run across), the locals have taken to creating a path of fantasy and fun. When you look closely in the scrubs and tress you will find little plastic toys of gnomes, furniture, and fantasy creatures. Even little doors and windows have been attached to trees where you’ll find gnomes climbing. Be sure to be respectful because there is a warning sign “Do not take us, break us, or relocate us, as we live here on Elf Lane to watch over children and all the little animals.”



5. House from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, located in Antonio Colorado

If you’ve watched the third installment of this epic series of movies, you will remember when young Indiana Jones runs into his childhood home to tell his father of the grave-robbers who are chasing after him. This house is now a bed and breakfast with 4 units in the home, each with it’s own name related to the movie, The Holy Grail, The Crusaders, The Cortez, and The Coronado. The home looks just as it did in the movie, expect the lawn might be a bit greener.     indianajoneshome.comimagesYM2NRKGQ


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