Always losing things? The GearEye Is Your Answer.

“Where’s my wallet?”

This is a statement I hear at least once a week from my husband as we spend many mornings frantically looking for his wallet before he heads off to work. His tools tend to never find their way back to the toolbox either and when he needs a particular tool, it’s nowhere to be found. I’ve been known to set my phone down in the house and forget where I put it, then waste several minutes retracing my steps.

Do you know someone who is always misplacingĀ things or are you one of those people who do? This is an incredible option for you.

The GearEye is “the ultimate gear management system” that works by tracking RFID tags which have been stuck to things you want to group or locate.

These tags are tracked by an app on your phone which can locate anything that is missing whenever you want. Take a look!

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