30 Amazing Halloween Crafts

During the fall time of year, when it’s starting to cool off, many of us are looking for something to do indoors. Doing crafts for Halloween is always a fun way to pass the time. Looking online for ideas I came across an amazing list of DIY crafts that are sure to be a hit for the Halloween season!

Check them out here:


Step it up from last year's pumpkin vase and decorate the actual gourd with blooms. A drill can quickly poke holes through the rind in whatever pattern that comes to mind.  Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping » What you'll need: cordless drill ($58, amazon.com), pink spray paint ($7, amazon.com)    Admire the colorful leaves long after they've dropped to the ground with an all-natural decoration you can leave up through Thanksgiving. Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping » What you'll need: embroidery hoop ($16, amazon.com), waxed string ($5, amazon.com)   Bead garland is inexpensive, but it looks elegant when wrapped around a pumpkin. Gold makes for a classy contrast, but you can also try black or purple — classic Halloween colors. Get the tutorial at Yahoo! DIY » What you'll need: bead garland ($8, amazon.com), duct tape ($7, amazon.com)

Photo Credit: Mike Garten, Micheal Partenio

Featured Image Photo Credit: Antonis Achillos

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