10 Most Exciting Cities In Colorado

The only (slight) drawback in a state like Colorado is that it is full of things to do and great places to visit. Discovering which cities/places are the most exciting may not be easy but, luckily for you, a list has been made of the top 10!

1. Boulder

Boulder, CO

Source: Flickr user Woodleywonderworks

Is anyone really surprised here? Boulder residents certainly shouldn’t be. After all, Boulder is one of the most sought-after places to live in the country, let alone the state. It’s home to Chautauqua Park, more outdoor activities than you could possibly do in a year and more restaurants than you could visit in 10.

In our analysis, Boulder ranked particularly well for its young population, with 45 percent of its residents being between the ages of 18 and 34. It also came in No. 1 for its number of music venues, arts and entertainment, and active life options per capita. Boulder also came in second best for its number of music venues and non-fast food restaurants (like Black Cat Bistro). In fact, the only category Boulder didn’t rank within the top two was its lack of fast food restaurants, and hey, we get it—college students have to eat too.

2. Denver

Denver, CO

Source: Flickr user Pravesvuth Uparanukraw

Denver, we’d love to tell you that Boulder just beat you by a hair, but the truth is Boulder won first place by almost four points, where the rest of our top 10 were only separated by two points at most.

Why the big gap? After all, Denver is home to museums, the Denver Zoo, theaters, botanical gardens, outdoor activities, and even an Alamo Drafthouse nearby. The major difference between first and second place was in the active life rank and the number of fast food restaurants, where Denver placed ninth and 17th, respectively.

Denver did rank well for its high percentage of population between 18 and 34 (32 percent); for its arts and entertainment and music venues per capita; and for its No. 1 ranking for nightlife. In the end, Denver just wasn’t quite active or young enough to beat Boulder.

3. Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO

Source: City of Fort Collins

Apart from the steak skewers at Restaurant 415 (which, let’s be honest, are pretty amazing), Fort Collins has plenty of other highly rated restaurants—and a serious lack of fast food restaurants to offer its residents, ranking it No. 3 in both of these categories.

This lack of fast food might seem a bit surprising when you consider that Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University and 38 percent of this city’s residents are between the ages of 18 and 34; but perhaps they just have more sophisticated palates than those in, say, Denver. As far as nightlife goes, Fort Collins has it all. Okay, maybe it doesn’t offer as much as Denver in this arena, but at least there’s Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon.

4. Englewood

Englewood, CO

Source: Flickr user S. Bram

Part of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area, Englewood has all of the benefits of being near Denver, but clearly holds up just fine on its own (seeing as though it tied with Denver in our analysis).

Although Englewood has a slightly lower percentage of young folks than its neighbor and fellow second place city, it did rank better than 19 of the other places in our analysis, with a 27 percent of its population being between the ages of 18 and 34.

Where Englewood really stood out, though, was for in number of music venues and nightlife per capita, and for its active life ranking. Not only did this include outdoor activities, but tons of gyms, fitness centers, and something called the XTreme Challenge Gladiator Arena—which looks pretty awesome.

5. Grand Junction

Grand Junction, CO

Source: Flickr user Jimmy Thomas

Grand Junction is well known as a hub of entertainment, restaurants, and things to do in the area. Specifically, it ranked well for its nightlife and music venues per capita; places like the Ale House Brewery, Mesa Theater and Club, and, of course, the Country Jam Ranch.

Grand Junction is also home to Colorado Mesa University, which explains the relatively high percentage of residents between the ages of 18 to 34 (26 percent). Unfortunately, this probably explains the relatively poor rank it received for its high number of fast food restaurants as well.

Of course, Grand Junction also has a lot of non-fast food joints, like 626 on Rood, Bin 707 Foodbar, and even some good Mexican food at El Tapatio, so, in the end, it all balanced out and stole our No. 5 spot.

6. Littleton

Littleton, CO

Source: Flickr user Heath Alseike

Whoever said that suburbs are boring clearly hasn’t been to Littleton. Just outside of Denver, this city has the benefits of being close to the capital city, but with a distinctive charm that is purely its own.

This came through in our analysis, particularly in terms of arts and entertainment per capita and the active lifestyle here. There’s the Town Hall Arts Center, the Willow-An Artisan’s Market, plus both Roxborough and Chatfield State Park.

Even though Littleton’s population isn’t quite as young as nearby Denver’s (only 21 percent of people are between 18 and 34 in Littleton), it still ranked well for venues like the Toad Tavern and Q’s Pub and Grille. Plus, Littleton has an Alamo Drafthouse, which is reason enough alone to live there in our opinion.

7. Wheat Ridge

Wheat Ridge, CO

Source: Flickr user Yann Ropars

Just like Littleton before it, Wheat Ridge didn’t exactly make it into our top 10 for its high number of young people. Even so, residents here enjoy one of the healthiest lifestyles in our analysis, with a high number of active lifestyle amenities and activities and a relatively low number of fast food restaurants per capita.

Wheat Ridge also came in fifth for its number of nightlife options per capita, with places like Clancy’s Irish Pub, Long Shots, Colorado Plus Brew Pub, and more. Sure, maybe only 22 percent of the population is between 18 and 34 here, but that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had. In fact, it may just mean a lack of people shouting “spring break!” before vomiting on the sidewalk. In our book, that’s always a good thing.

8. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO

Source: Flickr user Chris Coleman

If you want a quick glimpse at what makes Colorado Springs so exciting, just Google “Colorado Springs.” Your screen will quickly fill with a list of things to do there, from having your mind blown by the sheer beauty of Garden of the Gods, to hiking in Red Rock Canyon, to shooting your friend—with a laser gun, of course, at Battlefield Colorado.

There will be pictures of the area’s natural beauty, reviews of some of the delicious food the city has to offer (like the banana pudding at Springs Orleans), and that’s just if you Google the place. Our analysis showed that Colorado Springs had some of the best nightlife and the most music venues per capita all along Tejon Street, plus a good number of theaters, galleries, museums, and other arts and entertainment.

9. Greeley

Greeley, CO

Source: Flickr user Coleen Whitfield

Greeley may have been described as the town that is “The Exact Opposite of Hawaii” in a “South Park” episode (that one where Cartman and Kenny are placed in a foster home), but as our analysis shows, Greeley is way more exciting than that.

For starters, 30 percent of the population in this city is between the ages of 18 and 34, because of Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado, just to name two. Plus, Greeley had one of the best scores for its lack of fast food and for its number of actual restaurants (non-fast food), like Greeley Chophouse, Lucky Fins, and more. So, “South Park”, you can just go…  try some of the local cuisine and formulate a more informed opinion of what is truly a fine city, of course.

10. Lafayette

Lafayette, CO

Source: Flickr user Let Ideas Compete

Lafayette, is like the older, more mature, and yet still fun sibling to Boulder. Where Boulder is young and pretty much has a bar on every corner of Pearl Street, Lafayette is a little more low key, but still exciting in its own way.

This city has an older population; only 21 percent of residents are between 18 and 34. It ranked well in our analysis in the arts and entertainment category,  but also for its active lifestyle options and number of music venues per capita. Sure, Boulder may have it going on when it comes to a young party scene; but if you’re looking for some excitement with a splash of sophistication, Lafayette may just be the place for you.


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